Reflections of Angelic Radiance
Kathy's Musings on her Workshop Experience

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The Angelic Presence, as an aspect of the Divine Presence, surrounds you now.  This energy of Love, radiant and peaceful, surrounds you always.  You move within this energy of Divine Love in all moments, for you are made of this Love energy, as are the Angels.  You may relax deeper into this peaceful Presence any time you choose without understanding an exact science for accessing Angelic energy and without concern for whether you are worthy of such attention.  You are worthy - holy and completely worthy.  The Angelic Presence surrounds you right now and invites you to breathe in this peace as you read these words.  

Without exception, as I sit in groups who wish to explore their partnerships with the Angelic realm, this experience of peace and sense of delight is present. Whether we simply discuss Angels and their deep desire to support humanity or allow the words of the Angels to flow to and through us, group members speak of feeling peace, comfort, contentment, and deep love when immersed within Angelic energy. In meditative stillness and gentle receptivity to these benevolent helpers, a soothing of the mind and body occurs much like a child’s tranquil response to a lullaby sung by her nurturing mother. This peace is most often attributed to the Presence and Grace of the Angels. This is true, yet not a complete understanding.

As I witness the peace upon each person’s face and the love flowing through their words as experiences are shared within these Angelic groups, I am moved by their beauty. I witness the expanding radiance of their Light as each individual communicates a unique experience, sharing delights and even doubts. Love Itself flows through the words, the spaces between the words, and the vibrational highways of dancing energy fields. As the energy of Love’s Presence is perceived by each person in their unique fashion, insights are received, woes are released, smiles are shared, and hearts are opened. Again, I witness the expanding radiance of Light of the individual and the group. Such expanding radiance is most often attributed to the Presence and Grace of the Angels. This is true, yet not a complete understanding.

Immersed within the radiant Presence of a group of shining humans, I witness the peace, delight and love of the Angelic Realm. I am moved by their beauty as I observe an expansion of Love energy and an amplification of Angelic radiance. A most curious effect, this pulsating luminosity that expands as group members speak of their experiences or bask within the soothing Angelic energy. My attention shifts between the flaring light around the group and the bursting light around the Angels. A pattern emerges as amplified Light takes turns dancing in a phenomenal choreographic exchange. Such amplified radiance is most often attributed to the Presence and Grace of these Humans. This is true, yet not a complete understanding.

In beautiful symmetry, Light reveals itself as perfectly peaceful, gloriously radiant, and wholly holy. Is it the Angelic Presence that reflects the perfection of Human Luminosity? Or is it the Human expression of Love that reflects the perfection of Angelic generosity? Within the continuous, interdependent reflection of grandeur, Angel to Luminous Human and Human to Radiant Angel, Wholeness dances as Truth is revealed. Love Itself rests peacefully within the knowledge that Human and Angel alike contribute to the radiant reflection of the indwelling Presence of Love and Grace.

This Divine Presence surrounds you now, flows to you now, and flows from you now. You are immersed within this radiant Love as sure as you are broadcasting this beautiful Peace from the holiest space of your Sacred Self. There is beauty within your Presence. You are invited to claim the beauty of your radiance and cast your light upon all beings so that they may receive this reflection of their own beautiful Presence. You are invited to reflect the purest energy of Love to the Angelic realm so that they may receive, amplify, and reflect your luminosity to the dark places that have momentarily forgotten that they, too, are the radiant Presence of the Divine. As peace descends, the dimmer light awakens to it’s radiance as gently as the Divine Mother soothes her children into remembrance of their absolute worthiness. And the dance continues in perfect symmetry and perfect peace.
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