Sacred Immersion Weekend Retreat
Awakening the WholeHeart

May 15 - 18, 2014
Thursday- Sunday

The Country Place
Pocono Mountains
White Haven , PA

Enjoy the Slideshow from the April, 2013 Angelic Immersion


Your Sacred Self, the Angelic Realm and Love Itself  have put forth an invitation for our eighth Immersion Retreat. We will gather again at the beautiful Country Place Retreat Center within the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains.  We will continue to deepen within our own Sacredness, our Divine partnerships, and the astounding interconnectivity of the Cosmos within this beautiful, natural setting.  The name of our gathering has changed to the Sacred Immersion Retreat to reflect a depth understanding of all Life as wholly Sacred, profoundly connected, and precious beyond measure.  This change was born of the shifting realizations and awakenings within all of us.  Thank you for recognizing this Truth and being willing to immerse within it. Rest at ease, the Angelic realm and all the Wisdom of the Celestial realms will continue to participate as always.  Remember the earliest Angelic Teachings which reminded us we were all Cells in the Body of Love referring to the One Presence they call "Love Itself." 

Awakening the WholeHeart invitation involves moving further within the Undefended Heart to allow Love to awaken us out of the trance of separate struggle, unworthiness, and small meanings about life.  Those who have enjoyed past Immersion Retreats and have felt the upward spiraling action of transformation in their lives know the power that grows over time once we step out of the story of time, mind, and linear growth.  The invitation is always the same at it's core - Show Up as you believe yourself to Be and allow yourself to open naturally to whatever presents itself for your unique retreat immersion.  EveryOne who attends and every time One attends, there are unique and wondrous transformations that belie prediction, understanding, and any focus upon outcome.  Kathy, Mary, Julie, and all the Precious Retreaters have witnessed the deepening into the Sacred within themselves and others.  These Immersion experiences are one aspect of a complex, OMazing journey within to what Already Is Present.  Therefore, the message is simple.  Relax.  Show Up.  Participate Fully.  Notice what Flows to, through, and from you.  There is no preparation, nothing you need do within the experience other than that, and nothing to judge upon the apparent completion of the experience. 

One thing is for certain - Love Flows throughout the weekend.  As one September Retreater recently exclaimed, "That was worth the price of admission!" This became a common statement because every part of our gathering produced an amazing opportunity.  Every experience is packed with Wisdom, nurturance and an opportunity to receive and give.   See below the sampling of retreat activities for an overview of our activities.  Yet, please understand that Kathy can not construct the retreat without your energetic input.  All the Retreaters contribute in a multidimensional fashion and thus, the details of the weekend will be perceived by Kathy as time gets closer. Within the weekend's scheduled gatherings, there will be a flexible array of  Divine Feminine Wisdom transmissions flowing through Kathy, yoga and laughter yoga with Julie, Sacred Art with Mary, a fire ceremony, meditation, chanting, dancing, energy medicine, Angelic Energetics™ techniques, inspired writing, group sharing, free time in nature, a new surprise celebration, and our proundly moving Sacred Ceremony within the Spiral Matrix of Light. 

Mary, Julie, and I prepare ourselves vigilantly to co-create the Sacred Container of the Immersion experience.  You are held reverently, safely, and with a full understanding of how Precious you truly are (and always have been).  We create a beautiful Sanctuary where altars, light, beauty, art, and meaningful intention interact with the energy and intent you bring to each gathering.  We are so grateful for this experience and leave every Immersion deeply fed, renewed, and in awe. 

We appear to be moving upon a spiral trajectory, much as is depicted within our Light Matrix Ceremony, toward a more seamless way of being in the world. You may feel the quickening within you as if there is an invitation for you to relate differently to your Sacred Self, other people, your work, the world, and the seamless nature of reality.  Notice this and follow the flow without undue anxiety or story about it.  Once an Immersion Retreat is announced and booked, the energy of the group that will show up together begins working on behalf of everyOne involved.  Einstein spoke of "spooky action at a distance," while the Angelic Realm simply empowers us to remember simply that "Love Flows."  There is a tremendous wisdom that is offered by all participants and the retreat is a wonderful opportunity to receive this wisdom in the group's moments of sharing, experiential activities, and in the casual down time at meals and on breaks. It is a seamless process and everyOne is interacting and empowering with everyOne throughout all the moments of the Sacred Immersion and later in emails, deepening friendships, and gatherings at Soul Sanctuary and other lovely places. This is a lovely community of people.  We welcome you to return again or show up for the first time. If you are feeling the call, please pay attention, as we are expecting you.



Precious Retreaters,

Awaken your WholeHeart with me.

It is my deepest wish that you join with me to travel this HeartCentered pathway Home where Love Itself Gracefully embraces your Sacred Self.
I await your HeartLight.
Love Flows,



The Country Place is a synchronistic follow up to the first six Angelic Immersion Retreats held at Cranaleith and Seva Retreat Centers.  Each time we have moved, our retreat experience was enhanced as magic happens whenever we gather.  There is a delightful story of how we found our way to The Country Place and the wonderful entwined breadcrumbs of the owner's and Kathy's respective endeavors.  Our hosts are aligned with the Spirit of our Angelic Immersion and are enthusiastically awaiting our arrival. You are encouraged to go online and explore The Country Place at  We will enjoy shared living spaces, a beautiful sanctury, a labyrinth and fire pit, and acres of natural beauty. If you have any dietary restrictions, please email Kathy so that she may take this into consideration as the chef prepares our menu. 

We will set up carpools so that you can enjoy the company of fellow retreaters.  Please let Kathy know if you are interested in carpooling (driving or passenger to share in expense), where you live, and what time you plan to leave your area.  We will welcome you formally at 4pm, enjoy dinner at 5:30, and start our evening program promptly at 7pm . We recommend leaving work a few hours early so that you allow enough time to commute.  Plan on taking a half hour to register and settle into your lodgings.  We encourage you to eat before you come if you are unable to join our communal meal at 5:30 pm.  You may mapquest the address (listed below) and leave sufficient time to travel (we experienced a closing of the tunnel last year). 

Sampling of Retreat Flow Activities:

* Angelic Teachings and Sacred Ceremony
* Attunements to Frequency of Love Itself (Source energy)
* Live Wisdom Transmissions and Meditations
* Angelic Energetics™ Angel Healing Techniques
* Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine practices
* Fire Releasement Ceremony & S'Mores
* Playing with Nature Labyrinth Meditations
* Inspired writing & Silent Contemplation

* Sacred Art with Mary Law
* Gentle Yoga and Laughter Yoga with Julie Fischer

* A New Celebratory Surprise

* Group Planetary Lightwork
* Whatever else the Sacred Energy has in store for us!

Angelic Immersion Retreat Schedule:

Thursday, May 15th
Registration: 4pm

Buffet Dinner: 5:30

Opening Gathering: 7 - 10:30 pm

Friday, May 16th
Saturday, May 17th
Schedule: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Sunday, May 18th
Schedule: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Enjoy the slideshow from the May, 2012 Angelic Immersion

Kathy is Grateful for these Talented

Sacred Immersion Facilitators

Mary Law, MA, Angelic Intuitive, Shine Meditations

Mary returns to facilitate her seventh retreat and has worked with Kathy for years in many settings. Mary is a gentle and inspiring presence who models how to live an empowered, spirited life. She is a spiritual author, sacred artist, Angelic medium and channel, and energy worker who works individuals and with groups to empower their own intuitive flow.Mary’s Sacred Art workshop offers you a comfortable exploration into the medium of color and visual representation of your Sacred Self. Mary will co-facilitate all ceremonies and be present as a resource throughout the weekend. Feel free to learn more about Mary’s services and receive a complemntary chapter of her upcoming book, Heaven on the Line: The Inner Connection to God, Angels, and Departed Loved Ones at




Julie Fischer, RTT, CMT, RYT 500, Co-Founder Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness

Julie returns for her fourth retreat to offer us her unique style of joyful Presence and yoga expertise, guidance with native american traditions, and wisdom garnered from many Sacred traditions. As co-founder of Live in Joy Yoga and Wellness, a talented massage therapist, and interfaith minister, Julie is familiar with the art of following Divine Wisdom and living in flow. Having worked in many arenas with Kathy over the years, Julie will co-facilitate all ceremonies and be present as a resource throughout the weekend. We will benefit from her way of living as she will gently stretch us into laughing more than we thought possible.  Learn more about Julie at


As part of the Angelic Immersion retreat, we will all engage in daily Seva for the good of our ComeUnity. Seva translates as Sacred Service which is the underlying invitation of this Angelic Immersion Retreat.  Each day, we will serve each other by engaging in simple tasks, such as setting out breakfast. Remember the Zen teaching: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. Our “Seva jobs” will be an opportunity to put our inspired commitment to be the Love, Peace, and Harmony we seek into all areas of our lives, including even the seemingly mundane practice of emptying the trash.


Payment Options: simple, transparent, and empowering

The Angelic Immersion Retreat costs $644 (retreat, lodging, meals, materials)

Please know there is a way for you to attend if your heart is calling you to join us.

Here is the transparent why of it and how it works. It is important that we exchange energy in a responsible and honorable manner.  Once expenses are taken care of (rental, lodging, marketing, supplies, tiny stipend for 2 facilitators who volunteered for earlier retreats), Kathy tithes10% to worthwhile programs.  What remains goes directly to pay the rent at Soul Sanctuary.  Kathy has subsidized the majority of Soul Sanctuary's expenses since opening this space in October, 2011.  Your support is vital.  The countless hours it takes to perceive what is to come forth for the Sacred Immersion, bring it into form, and facilitate the weekend for you is Kathy's Seva and one of her favorite activities.  These retreats are kept small so that you may have a rich, transformative personal experience.  Thank you for every contribution including your financial offering. 

Flexible payment plan is available according to following timeline and your choice of payment schedule/type: 

Timeline: 50% of full payment is due NOW; 75% by April 1st; final is due up to one month post retreat (June 18th).  Dates are based on Kathy's payments due to The Country Place.

Checks:  When you register, send predated checks for payments depending upon plan you choose. Kathy will hold for deposit until date listed on check. 

Pay Pal: (including credit card option), you simply click on the payment button whenever you want to make a payment.  Additional buttons can be created if you indicate which plan you choose.
Automatic Payments: Past retreaters have set up an automatic pay system where checks are sent from bank to Soul Sanctuary a weekly or monthly basis.  Sharing that option if you so choose.

You choose number of payments according to your need. Below is a sample of how payment works out (pass through fees are not listed here).

2 payments                        = $297.50

3 payments over 3 months = $198.25

4 payments over 4 months = $161.00

5 payments over 5 months = $128.80

6 payments over 6 months = $107.33


Feel free to send checks payable to Kathy Milano, 110 Marter Ave, Suite 206, Moorestown, NJ 08057 or to use Pay Pal buttons below for your credit card payment.You do not need a Pay Pal account and may use your own credit card with this option.  Pass through fee of $21 applies to full retreat credit card purchase (these are the fees charged by Pay Pal to use their service). There will be no refunds after April 1, 2013.


All Inclusive Retreat Experience includes:

All retreat activities, shared rooms, meals, materials, mp3 downloads of recorded sessions, and surprise goodies.  All housing includes shared rooms with hall baths.  Rooms will be designated by Kathy according to the needs of the entire group.  Note: No elevators - please pack light.  Dress is casual and comfy.  You may want shower shoes and bathrobe for shared hall bath. All rooms are air conditioned.  Bedding is provided. Bring bath towel and wash cloth.  We will be outside on the lawn, weather permitting, so bring sneakers and light jacket if desired. 

Please bring: bath towel/wash cloth, journal, deck of angel cards, yoga mat (for yoga), blanket or chair (outdoor use), outdoor shoes/clothing (fire ceremony change of clothes), 6 battery votive candles (share a 12 pack with a friend), bag of hershey kisses, beautiful crystal to give away, instrument (drum, maraca), sacred objects for altar (to return home with you), bottled water for ceremony (3 or more bottles of smart water, poland spring, or fiji please), and snacks to share for weekend snack parties (coordinate with carpool mates so not overloaded with snacks).  Flashlight, suntan lotion, or bug spray if needed for outdoor activities. 

Weekend Retreat Investment:

Weekend Retreat Investment: $644 ($661*)

*(Second figure indicates total with pass through fee for credit cards;

use $644 for checks mailed to office)


Full payment: $661 (includes $21 fee)

Deposit/Balance:  $330.50 (includes $10.50 fee)

10% of my retreat proceeds will support my favorite Inspired Organizations.


The Country Place Retreat & Conference Center
45 Country Place Lane
White Haven, PA 18661

Alternate Address (for GPS or Mapquest):
2140 Oley Valley Road
White Haven, PA 18661-3054


So .... what happens in these Angel Gatherings?  Explore Kathy's musings about the Presence of  Angelic Radiance in these group experiences....


Enjoy reading comments and details from Kathy's

June, 2011 Angelic Immersion Retreat! 

Enjoy Slideshow from June, 2011 Retreat

“I AM transcended to a new level, channeled info received is spilling overflowing. By and for the Grace of you all my path is more clear and I AM just being lead playfully down it as a vessel of light shining sparkles, glittering and glowing; celebrating life. Angel Blessings My Sweet Soulmates!!” SD, DE

“Thank you, Kathy, immeasurably, for all that you are, and for orchestrating such an expanding, joyful Retreat! I feel Taller and Lighter! Since the Retreat, I feel Renewed in so many ways... I feel connected to the Divine and an increased personal  power! I FEEL LOVED! That is KEY for me. I have released so much baggage without knowing what it was or labeling it or attaching 'Story' to it. I've never heard of that kind of releasing before, I always thought a person had to identify what was being 'let go' in order to let it go. Story always gets in the way for me. BUT... When you DON'T name's easier to Release.  Ahhhhh.....thank you. I like how we didn't stop for sharing, get out of our right brain to talk, and had more time for expanding, growing, healing and general Angelic Immersion! It was incredible experiencing a “22 day Retreat” in 3 and a half days as the Angels explained. What a Powerful experience!” LW, PA

“What an Angelic OM-ersion Weekend! I have been without words all day.  I am so happy and so overwhelmed with joy & gratitude to have gone through this profound and beautiful experience with all of you.  Thank you each for the many many waves of love & expansion which you have opened, shared, and flowed in me.  I am verclempt.  Cheers, one and all.  Peace, bliss, and onward ho! With Boundless Love and Eternal Gratitude,” ML, NJ

“I was so glad to meet you all.   You have changed my life.  My sacred writing last weekend was about all of us coming together and how important each and every one of us was to the wholeness and balance of our group. I believe that the force of our oneness coming together created a magnet of hope, love, and peace and positive change in the world.  The magnet would have been incomplete and not as powerful if each and every one of us did not contribute to the oneness of that force.” NT, PA

“I love you Kathy Milano and thank you for being YOU!  Through you, the angels have let me know that it really is okay to just be ME! INFINITE LOVE & LIGHT!” LN, NJ

“To me the retreat was a tapestry of energy woven together with love guided by the Divine. I am still learning to surrender and pray to continue. It as a wonderful and powerful time. Kathy, you are an inspiration to me and I am glad I was guided to you. No accidents, right? I was in all of the experience all 22 days!” MO, NJ

“Every moment is incredibly, beautifully perfect. Embrace yourself, your life, and every ounce of sweet love flowing to you. You are magnificent! If you realized it for but a moment, all the illusions would fall away and you would never be the same. Join me there. I love you so much, from every singing cell in my being. Where do you end and I begin? I am a powerhouse of Love! I am flooding the universe with SO much light and love, I blow myself and others away. Aren't we just beautiful? We are all matrices of light, all cells in the body of love. How beautiful... how beautiful. I love my life. My experience is perfect. There is nothing I have to do or become. I am All That Is. You are too. Sweet Perfection.” JH, NJ

“This weekend was a power house, dear lady! That's all i'm saying!!!! You were my inspiration to let it be whatever it is and move it out and move through it and release it. it's not about me anyway!!!! Thanks for the love, nurturing and support you give and share with so many. So many are touched by you and evolving into lightness thru your guidance.I am witness to it. I see how your touch radiates out. Namaste and hugs,” KM, NJ

“Thank you, Mary, for leading our Ray group in your knowledgeable yet gentle,easy going way and for the confidence you inspire in me when I create art. Thank you, Veronica, for the playful yoga which was so much fun but profoundly meaningful at the same time! Thank you, Teresa, for all your hard work in keeping us organized, carried out in such a graceful and effortless way.  Thank you, Kristy, for the warmth you exude through your entire being and for your brilliant smile. Thank you, Stephen, for your healing, joyful and masterfully executed music and to you, Pam and Lisa, for sharing your angelic voices with us.” KM, NJ
“I had such a blissful weekend it was hard to float back down to Earth.  Still, I feel so much more connected and present.  Even others have been commenting on my "glow."  And boy is the shift obvious.  And to think all this just by letting it be.” LL, NJ

“From the moment I entered our first gathering and began listening to Kathy speak, I recognized on some deep level the enormity of what we were about to embark upon. The tears started flowing and kept on going throughout the weekend. Now, many tears were cried to help me release my own "interference", but many many more were in sheer gratitude for what I had the opportunity to partake in. I felt so blessed and lucky to be led by such beautiful, soul-centered, deeply connected, loving and talented women in our dear Kathy, Mary, Veronica, Kristy and Theresa, and I bow to each of you. I was also so deeply moved by the beauty of each participant. When I listened to you speak, saw you laugh or shed a tear across the room, you moved me by your beauty. The light in each of you was shining so bright, and I could not help but be deeply touched and blessed by the gift of your presence.” CH, NJ

“There are no words to explain the weekend. My gratitude for your willingness to share what the angels want for us feels like it could fill an ocean and still be overflowing. Being at Seva Retreat and remembering others so clearly, feeling the changes happening all weekend, the processing, releasing, shifting and of course the love is going to be kept in my heart forever. Driving to work and seeing peoples light instead of what I used to see, I never want this to pass.  I will just have to keep asking the angels for help.”  BM, PA

“What a fabulous celebration we had. It was great sharing these high energy vibrations with each other. The expansiveness that I felt was enormous and encompassed myself and everyone at the retreat. A final meditation resulted in my being near the labyrinth with an angel pulling me up towards the clouds. When I looked down I sensed the labyrinth having a spiral motion like a galaxy would have. It connected me with Pachamama (Mother Earth) by its rocks and earth composition. But also Universo (Father Sky) by its galactic spiral inference of matter and energy in motion.” GL, NJ

“Thank you, Kathy, so much for organizing and leading the beautiful Angel Immersion. There were so many joyful, sacred and life-altering moments that I experienced during our time together: the Immersion ceremony; the beautiful healing music, chants, and poetry; the camaraderie; the irreverent reverence.An incredibly deep release and healing occurred for me when you spoke the language of the Angels that morning. I intuitively understood the message and felt  deep in my being the sacredness of the words being spoken and connected  with their power and experienced a complete knowing of Divine Presence, Oneness and Love that affected me profoundly and allowed me to release an incredible amount of earthly "interference."  KM, NJ

“Thanks again for a Divinely inspired weekend! It was an amazing 22 days and I really received some clear messages from Spirit.” JC, MD

“Thank you for inviting me to the precious experience... it was incredible....yet a lot of challenges....Now it is getting better and accepting this is" how and what" is - not just focus on goals....Think about my life purpose in different aspect..... Not just my job, but also how and what I carry myself with love. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.” EK, DE

“What a great group. What a great experience. What a great connection. You and all your angelic helpers did an OUT OF THIS WORLD job. Every second was special and meaningful. Wish we were all still there together experiencing.....We will never be the same. We are changed for the better forever. Thank you Angels.” DK, NJ

I just viewed your video of our weekend and it was totally wonderful.  The images refreshed my memory and brought back so many moving memories.  I feel so blessed to have you in my life and all the others I connected with on that retreat.  The days I am counting until the next one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Be well and on high!!  Angel hugs."  EC, NJ

"Where can you go on an Angelic Immersion Retreat and get a picture of an Angel in a peace sign?!  During Inspired Writing, I received this message:  'You have come to earth to experience peace. You have come to earth to create peace. You have come to earth to flow peace.'  Then I get the picture!  I feel truly blessed everytime I attend your workshops, retreat, or enjoy the Angelic Harmony eCourse.  Thank you!"  GY, PA


I AM deeply grateful to all of the Angelic Immersion Retreaters for their courageous Surrendering of expectations and egoic patterns as they willingly entered into new levels of  Trust and Alignment with the Divine Presence. As each individual and the entire group allowed the Divine Presence, with the support of the Angelic Realm, to in-form them, a new Matrix of Light was created .... in each individual and in this group.  As the group understood themselves more fully as Cells in the Body of Love, the realization that the individual's Great Work supported the Planetary Lightwork and All Life.  As we walked through the powerful Matrix of Love, held by Grace, we were individually and collectively shown the way Home to our Sacred Hearts where the Divine has resided all along.  As we remembered, so did you since we are truly connected as one Being.  We hope you join us at a future Angelic Immersion Retreat.  We await your HeartLight.

Love flows,



Enjoy reading comments and details from Kathy's

2010 Angelic Immersion Retreat! 

" What an amazing time for growth, release, integration, and to meet such an inspirational group of individuals.  Thank-you for what each of you contributed in your own special way!"  JM, PA

"Words cannot begin to express the profound life changes that came to me as a result of attending your Angelic Immersion Retreat in 2010. I truly believe everyone in that room was guided there to provide healing and love at levels I couldn't begin to understand until I experienced it myself. What a beautiful soul dance it was healing this lifetime and past lifetimes. As soon as I received your email for the 2011 retreat, there was no hesitation that I was going to join you for another profound journey of love and light. The power of the emotions that surfaced as a result of the seminar were at times overwhelming, but absolutely beautiful in their clarity and the direction they have provided me in my life. I told my daughter recently that if there were one gift I would like to give each of them for the holidays, it would be an AHS session with you. I am humbled by the gifts you share from the angelic realm each time we meet. Blessings to you and everyone who is so fortunate to be guided to join you in 2011 and, as I have heard you say so many times, and so it shall be.... Love flows" JD, PA

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the best spiritual experience that I ever had in my life. It was AWESOME"  GC, PA

"I so wanted to be sure to thank you for providing the Angelic Weekend for everyone. I never attended a retreat before, but I am certain it would never have compared to that awesome weekend. What a wonderful group of people to learn from and to grow with. There were so many little moments that touched my heart and my soul. This is an awesome period of time for me and I feel so blessed to have met you at that first "Got Angels?" seminar in Valley Forge with my friend.  Guess we liked it - we haven't left since!"  GW, NJ

"During the Immersion weekend, I experienced a very powerful enveloping of continuous Angel Vibrations during the whole weekend~~this also carried over for many days after. Angelic Energy could be felt all around me all weekend~~ that is how I felt. I received many reassuring messages of Love and Light all throughout the weekend. I personally had a "shift" in my life ~~ the angels are always there for me even when I "temporarily" forget to ask. I think that's an important message, that they are always there waiting for us to communicate. I, personally, have been requesting more signs when my vibrations are lower. Please know, you are always in my thoughts and best wishes, as I feel I learn so much in your presence. Peace, Love, and Light."  KC, NJ

"I am interested in attending the Angelic Retreat in the Spring.  The last retreat one of the most beautiful, moving and spiritual awakening that I could have experienced as well as needed, even though it was difficult. I had lost or gotten lazy with nourishing my spirit so this was perfect timing for me. I was there with like minds which made me feel safe and nurtured. You and Mary are champions/cheerleaders of the angels which made that retreat all that more special and lovely."  MO, NJ


10% of my retreat proceeds will support my favorite Inspired Organizations. Feel free to check out my "Five Favorite" Inspired Organizations!
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