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Thank you for visiting me here online, in my beautiful Soul Sanctuary in Moorestown, NJ, or within the many spaces we travel together for workshops or retreats.  I hope to inspire people to create new stories of wholeness and harmony that will empower them to find their unique path to create meaningful, joyful, healthy, and balanced lives.  With a holistic focus on integrating mind, body, and spirit, I aim to support individuals, families, and groups as they move forward on their journey to healing, self-discovery, and self-mastery.

In our achievement based culture filled with the striving to be better, have more, and accomplish something greater, we are often guided to "do" more in order to "be" more. Far from bringing fulfillment, a sense of fragmentation takes a toll on the mind, body, and spirit. Many people experience too few peaceful and joyful moments as they struggle with the very real challenges in life.  Longing for a sense of personal wholeness, deeper relationships, worthwhile work, and meaningful connection, the Authentic Self desires the opportunity to gently shift into a state of well-being.

As each individual is unique with a distinct life path, I offer a variety of services to empower clients to embark on a healing journey. Within an integrated framework, clients are helped to consciously define their best life, access their strengths, listen to their inner wisdom, and cultivate skills that support well-being. Perhaps you and I can journey together.

Warm regards,

Kathy Milano, PhD,
Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology

110 Marter Avenue, Suite 206
Moorestown, NJ 08057
Phone: (856) 778-1981

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